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It is fundamental for Traductors to work with proper qualified and specialized translators in specific areas. All our collaborators have to go through a set of translation tests in their respective domains and languages, and all projects are subject to a strict quality control. Our in-house translation and proofreading qualification system enables any project manager and proofreader to determine the consistency of the translators’ work.

As the name indicates, translation memory is a database that contains all the translated sentences. It’s not just about not translating the same sentence twice; it’s about making sure it is translated consistently and making sure that in the future we know how a word has been translated, without having to resort to digging around in previous projects.

Consistency is the key word, particularly in technical translations. Why would you translate as “bolt” if in the following chapter you have it translated as “stud”? Not only does the reader gets confused, but the manual may also become completely unusable.

With the terminology tools that we use it’s possible to create “dictionaries” which can be associated to any project and thus ensure that every word is consistently translated.



CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools are modern tools that bring several features to increase the productivity of translation professionals. Translation memory, quality control, terminology, workflow management, etc… a CAT tool can provide many features to facilitate, speed up and speed up the whole process. We put technology at the service of quality, because we work with virtually all CAT Tools used in the translation market and we can easily adapt to any tool used by the client.

QA stands for Quality Assurance. It is not because you have more than one pair of eyes reading a text that you can guarantee that there are no errors. We are human and certain details can often be ignored by the whims of the human mind itself. That’s why the ability to perform automated checks is critical. Automatic quality control checks for situations such as spell check, grammar check, existence (or absence) of punctuation marks, numbers that exist in the source text and that are not reflected in the translation, use of forbidden words, terminology consistency, text length (in software translation, for example), among many others.

It is imperative that a translation project carefully respects all stages of the implemented workflow. Behind the scenes, project managers ensure that all steps are completed, from the budgeting stage to final delivery, and that all stakeholders are duly aware of their role.

The entire Traductors team is governed by the same internal procedures, and all employees have at their disposal guides so that any technology used by Traductors is seen as an aid to the process and never as a difficulty or hindrance. In addition to the existing guides, training sessions are also often organised to ensure that the whole team works towards the same goals.


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