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With Traductors you can answer all your needs for global communication.

Our services are not “just” about a simple translation, just as the translation process is not “just” about hopping from one language to another.

The whole process consists of several steps to ensure that the final content is as appropriate as possible, so the review process is also essential.

Our clients also frequently request linguistic advice, not only in foreign languages but also in Portuguese. Evaluations such as suitability of a text for a specific market segment, content analysis and even Portuguese linguistic revision are services we offer.


In translation, there is also a diversification of themes. A translator specialized in legal texts is not the best choice for the translation of an automobile maintenance manual. In the same way that a marketing translation specialist will not feel at ease in a translation project on heavy machinery.

It is imperative for Traductors to know our translators and their areas of expertise in order to be able to allocate all projects properly, thus ensuring the highest quality, regardless of the subject matter of the text.


– Mechanics

– Automotive

– Engineering

– Industrial


– Financial reports

– Financial Statements

– Bank Claims

– Prospects

– Investment Funds


– Contracts

– Evaluations

– Certificates

– Avais

– Personal documentation

– Insurance


– Website localization

– Manuals

– Videogames


– Press Conferences

– Marketing brochures

– Tourism Guides

– Travel itineraries


– Magazines and catalogs

– Ads

– Leaflets

– Flyers

– Newsletters


– Medical devices

– Pharma products

– Clinical studies and evaluations

– Medical leaflets


– Telecommunications

– Electronics

– Human Resources

– Cosmetic

– Luxury items




We have extensive experience in the most diverse areas of translation. We work with specialist linguists with recognised experience in all types of fields, translating exclusively into their mother tongue. We have the capacity to form specialized teams for a specific project, thus ensuring strict compliance with the delivery deadlines set by our customers.

Alongside the translation service, we also create glossaries, maintain translation memories and align existing pairs of documents.

Certified Translation


In the case of certified translations, the translator shall appear before a competent authority that certifies that the translator is the legal entity that has translated the document(s) in question.

Specialized Translation


There are texts that require not only mastery of the languages but also specific knowledge in the area in question. Certainly you wouldn’t want a mechanic to perform heart surgery on you, same as for having a lawyer fixing your smartphone… Traductors has a large team of specialized translators to help you!



The proofreading process is essential in any translation project, because several pairs of eyes see better than a single pair!

This process is already included in the final price of the translation and includes editing by experienced proofreaders who ensure the quality of the translation with the support of QA tools, as well as its suitability for the purpose for which it is intended.



Transcriptio is passing an audio record to a written format.

This service can be provided on its own or in conjunction with translation. This may imply that the translator does not transcribe in the same language as the audio and, instead of writing what he hears, the new text is already written in the target language.

Depending on the language and subject matter, it may be necessary to transcribe the text and then translate it.

Linguistic Consultancy


Do you want to internationalize your brand and you don’t know if it can have a negative meaning in the target market?

Do you have a text that you want to adapt to a particular situation or area?

Do you want to review a text for a publication?

Do you want your article to be edited before it is released?

This is Linguistic Consultancy!



Terminology management and glossary creation are key steps not only for the translator but often also for the end customer.

Extensive research is needed to ensure that the translation of a given term is the most appropriate, since a literal term translation is not only impossible, but also unthinkable.

For certain projects, terminology databases can be created so that consistency can be ensured throughout a project or a certain subject and the same term can be translated the same way.

These databases can also be a strong aid to end customers in the creation of original content.



Localization is the specialized translation of software, smartphone apps, video games, websites, etc. It consists of the translation adapting the contents to obtain a text that becomes understandable to the users of the target language. This means that the translator, in addition to linguistic knowledge, must also have other skills and a deep knowledge of the culture of the target market.



Editing is a review on the target text only where the editor may not have knowledge of the source language but is an expert in the subject matter.

Editing may be considered an exhaustive technical revision focusing also in linguistic flow but disregarding the source language.


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